Five Types of People to Avoid in a Bar

Five Types of People to Avoid in a Bar. One of Glamour's dating bloggers has a disastrous night out with pals and details five types of people she never hopes to run into in a bar ever again. Learn from her fiascos.

Friday night was a disaster. Never mind that I went out with Anne and Michelle, two perfectly civilized, professional women. There was drama at the bars we visited! Here are five types of people I never want to meet again:

1. The Married Man.

A goateed guy introduced himself and kissed my hand. He said he was there at the bar with his friends and his wife, and he pointed her out. Then he came by again later and told me I was very cute. I said, "Don't you have a wife?" He said, "Yes, but that doesn't make you ugly!"

2. Girls Up to No Good.

This is rare, but we had a kerfluffle with three girls from out of town. Michelle took too long in the bathroom; there was some banging on the door and a confrontation. When Michelle came back to us, she looked like you would if three renegades in scrunchies had just called you the B word. Then the three girls came over wanting to know why Michelle was laughing (she had that frozen, stunned grin) and what was her problem, huh? One girl used her forearm and knocked Michelle's head against the wall. It was crazy! We'd never seen anything like it! We left immediately, our beers completely untouched.

3. The Clueless Guy.

At the next bar, a random guy asked me to dance even though no one else was dancing. I said, "I'm sorry, but my friend just got in a fight!" His response? "I like your bangs!" Anne said, "We're here with our friend right now." He left. Thank you, Anne!

4. The Guy with Something to Prove.

This guy will talk your ear off. He's doing the hard sell. He's not okay with himself. As soon as you recognize this guy, try to avoid getting into any provocative discussions with him. Don't challenge him or place silly bets. I almost got sucked into talking to one of these, but I made my escape without damaging his ego; I said I had to go to the bathroom! (Luckily, it was the bar after the one with the scrunchie-clad bullies; see above.)

5. The Underage Guy.

I managed to avoid the jail bait on Friday night, but I'm still the Baby Whisperer. The too-young guy doesn't want anything from anyone. He is simply amused by you; he has no long-term agenda. He's using you for practice. But you probably don't need the practice. He has all the time in the world and if you don't … NEXT!

The thing about engaging all these men is that it leaves no time to meet the potential mates. I am constantly wasting time on people who aren't really looking for a relationship. Sometimes I get sick of the bar scene. ( )

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