Trigger Words to Remove from your Email Subject Lines NOW

Trigger Words to Remove from your Email Subject Lines NOW - Writing successful email subject lines for your email marketing campaign is as difficult as trying to win a chilli cook-off in Texas. You need the right elements, steps, time and of course, a secret ingredient.

In a reverse-secret ingredient process we’ve put together a list of ingredients that shouldn’t be in your email subject line recipe. This list of spam filter-triggering ingredients are pretty much guaranteed to get you flagged as they have been used time and time again in attention-grabbing, spamalicious emails. Removing these words from your repertoire will not be easy though as they are attention-getting words that stimulate emotion, so you will need to change your word choice to emotion-evokers not on the list.

We’ve separated the list into specific genres of word groups, they are over-arching themes that tend to use the same buzzwords repeatedly. For example within the pharmaceutical genre using words like “Xanax”, “Viagara” and “weight loss” will get your emails triggered as spam, quick time. Pay specific attention to your vertical but read the whole list because certain groups are applicable across the board like greetings and offers. Also, don’t forget that mixing words on this list is a bad idea and pluralization won’t save you either.

And without further ado….

Commerce Buzzwords to Avoid: as seen on, buy direct, clearance, buy direct, order, buy, order status, shopper, and orders shipped by.

Personal Buzzwords to Avoid: dig up dirt on friends, score with babes, meet singles, employment: additional income, work from home, be your own boss, work at home, while you sleep potential earning, university diplomas, opportunity, money making, online biz opportunity, make money, make $, income from home, home based, home employment, home-based business, homebased business, expect to earn, earn $, double your, and earn extra cash.

General Financial Buzzwords to Avoid: $$$, cash, best price, bargain, beneficiary, cents on the dollar, cheap, check, claims, collect, credit bureaus, compare rates, cost, credit, discount, income, fash dash, f r e e, hidden, earn, hidden, income, insurance, investment, loans, money, no fees, profit, price, quote, refinance, save, unsecured, debt, why pay more?

Financial Terms for Business:
accept, accepted, credit card, credit cards, check, money order, offers, full refund.

Personal Financial Buzzwords to Avoid:
avoid, bankruptcy, creditors, consolidate debt, credit, debt, get out of debt, lower monthly payment, lower interest rate, eliminate bad credit and refinance home.

General Buzzwords to Avoid: success, satisfaction, acceptance, chance, here, avoid, accordingly, home, lose, miracle, freedom, hidden, lifetime, passwords, problem, sample, stop, solution, reverses, teen and wife.

Greeting Buzzwords to Avoid: dear, friend, hello.

Marketing Buzzwords to Avoid: ad, click, email, increase sales, below, here, direct marketing, form, email marketing, increase traffic, internet market, internet marketing, marketing solutions, member, performance, opt in, open, search engine listings, this isn’t junk, this isn’t spam, subscribe, unsubscribe, visit our website, undisclosed recipient and one time.

Medical Buzzwords to Avoid: cures, baldness, diagnostics, fast delivery, human growth hormone, life insurance, lose weight, no medical exams, medicine, online pharmacy, removes wrinkles, reverses aging, stop snoring, weight loss, Xanax, Viagara, Valium, and Vicodin.

Number Buzzwords to Avoid : thousands, millions, billion, dollars, join, 100%, free, satisfied, 50% off, 4U, one hundred percent and guaranteed.

Offer-Driven Buzzwords to Avoid: member, call, deal, billing address, confidentiality, gift certificate, financial freedom, guarantee, have you been turned down?, if only it were that easy, gift certificate, giving away, financial freedom and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Call-to-Action (CTA) Buzzwords to Avoid: cancel at any time, sign up free today, see for yourself, give it away, get, copy accurately and compare.

“Free” Buzzwords to Avoid: free, free quoet, free access, free cell phone, free gift, free DVD, free consultation, free grant money, free hosting, free installation, free leads, and free investment.

Description/Adjective Buzzwords to Avoid: all natural, guaranteed, all new, amazing, congratulations, drastically reduced, certified, fantastic deal, for free, it’s effective, real thing, risk free, satisfaction guaranteed, outstanding values and promise you.

Sense of Urgency Buzzwords to Avoid:
act now!, while supplies last, apply now, call free, call now, apply online, access, can’t live without, do it today, don’t delete, for instant access, for only, get started now, get it now, for you, great offer, info you requested, information you requested, instant, limited time, new customers only, limited time, once in lifetime, order today, only, please read, special promotion, limited supplies, take action now, urgent and limited time.

Noun-Based Buzzwords to Avoid:
beverage, bonus, casino, cable converter, celebrity, luxury car, new domain extensions, stainless steel, Rolex, phone copy DVDs and legal. ( )

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