One in four men 'hide secret phone numbers from partners'

One in four men 'hide secret phone numbers from partners'. Men have 'fessed up to secretly storing phone numbers on their mobiles to hide them from their partners, according to new research.

One in four men owned up to the sneaky practice, a Microsoft survey of 1125 Australian mobile phone users found.

Just 8 per cent of women said they hid numbers on mobiles.

The survey into Australia's mobile phone usage also found users were so attached to their phones, they'd prefer to lose keys than their mobile.

Respondents rated it twice as bad to lose a phone than house keys, with singles rating it twice as bad to lose a phone compared with those in a relationship.

77 per cent of Australians regularly misplace their phone and have to call it to locate it.

And almost 60 per cent of respondents said they regularly swear at their mobiles to release frustration.

Love them or hate them, mobiles have become "back-up brains" for most users, according to Microsoft.

One in three Australians surveyed know their best friend’s phone number by memory and only half of all Australians surveyed know their own office phone number.

Only one third of users have their numbers backed up elsewhere.

“Twenty years ago, most Australians could tell you not only their office number, but the numbers of ten of their closest friends," says Grace Kerrison, director of Microsoft’s mobile communications business.

"Technology is certainly making things easier for us, but all mobile phone users need to be diligent about how they secure their important information."/ with MX

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