Having Compassion For Yourself

Having Compassion For Yourself. The kindness you offer yourself nourishes your world. It reverberates inside of you and overflows in your actions.

How do you become more compassionate with yourself?

It begins with Law of Attraction.*

A friend recently wrote to me about her doubts about Law of Attraction. She feels blamed. She thinks that if she embraces the idea of Law of Attraction, then all of her challenges will be labeled her fault.

No one would want that.

And yet, many of us on this path have fallen into this same trap at times, haven’t we? We think that if we are ill or out of work or overweight or without the relationship we desire, that it’s our fault. We use this perspective to hurt ourselves. I am suggesting the exact opposite. We can use our understanding of Law of Attraction to accept, empower and offer kindness to ourselves. It is the most compassionate approach to take when considering our challenges.

Complex Forces. If we start considering our genetics, our history, the earth’s weather patterns, the influences of war, karma, economics, politics, etc., we can easily become overwhelmed. Let’s say we abandon our understanding of Law of Attraction and blame these outer forces for our difficulties. We may feel free of responsibility, but that relief is short lived. As soon as we start pondering how to fix the situation, we are faced with an impossible task. We set out to control all these external forces in order to be happy. The more we look into the problem, the more complex it becomes. Putting ourselves in the position of trying to control conditions is unkind.

We hurt ourselves every time we do it.

Singular Strategy. When we step out of the complexity of blaming circumstances, we find one simple truth that leads to one single strategy. The truth is this. The only thing we have any control over is our own vibration. The strategy then becomes obvious. We set out to lovingly tend to our own vibration. Like a gardener who does not have the time or strength to plow endless fields, we care for our small garden and make it beautiful. We work lovingly within our current set of limitations. Our singular strategy becomes one of looking into the “smallness” of the moment and finding limitless love.

Limitless Love. Loving ourselves regardless of circumstances means we have to recalibrate. Instead of judging our worthiness by some relative mark on the accomplishment chart, we realize that we are made of love. We realize that whether we are happy or sad, healthy or ill, rich or poor, that the love factor remains completely unaffected. We are equally lovable in all states.

Relative Relief. Now we realize that some thoughts bring us closer to experiencing that love while others obscure it from view. Sometimes we choose a focus that leads to greater pain. And yet we can always find a thought that offers relief. Having set love as our absolute – our navigational north star – we can use the relative indicator of relief to keep us moving toward the happiness, healing and prosperity we seek.*

Not Caring. With Love as our absolute and relief as our relative indicator of direction, everything else becomes inconsequential. That means you care less and less about what other people think. You even care less and less about the current manifestation. Things you cared about just yesterday make no difference to you today. All that matters is your relationship to love. You let go of everything else.

Caring Deeply. This is where Law of Attraction comes in. Since thoughts of war and hurricanes and illness are swirling around out there in the sea of pre-manifestation, right beside fun and smiles and ice cream cones, we begin to care deeply about what kind of magnet we are. We begin to pay attention to the only thing we can do anything about. We begin to notice whether we are loving ourselves or not. And we trust Law of Attraction to bring us something that matches the love we are cultivating. Even if the best we can do right now is to manifest an ice cream cone that blows into our hands on hurricane winds, we smile in recognition of the excellent relationship we are developing with Law of Attraction. And we thank ourselves for the effort of kindness that turned into an ice cream cone.

In this way, by honoring our limitations, cultivating simplicity and believing in love, we invite Law of Attraction to orchestrate our harvest, while we tend to the only garden we can manage: the garden of our own vibration. This is one simple way to have compassion for yourself, through an understanding of Law of Attraction.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction. Albert Einstein (yofa.net )

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