Young skin

The body is a magnificent complex machine, but it requires a little co-operation from us in terms of fresh simple food and plenty of water, exercise, and peace of mind.

As you grow older your attitude to life shows in your face no matter which cream you apply. A worried woman will have a worried face. So controlling stress and being happy with your lot is important. If you worry about aging you will go around with a worried look on your face: So don’t do it. If you have energy and look forward to life that too will show on your face as confidence and youth.

If you give yourself the gift of inner calm you will give yourself outer grace. My father used to say that true beauty lasts forever and I take that to mean a beautiful kind person has a beautiful kind face.

Everything you put into your mouth affects the quality of your skin. The amazing news is that you can transform your skin by making simple changes to your eating habits. Your skin is the last part of your body to benefit from the general good food that you eat, which is why a poor diet will show on your skin. This is why skin creams available today contain vitamins and antioxidants, but the best boost you can give to your skin is good nutrition, eating healthy, simply prepared food and by taking a good quality skin supplement.

Sun ages the skin

It is a well established fact that approximately 80 percent of skin aging is environmental and only 20 percent is genetic. A face exposed to the sun will age, unless you protect it. Sometimes skin takes years for the damage to show up; and years of sun exposure on skin leaves it looking leathery and with age spots. It really is not worth it. Protect your skin with a sunscreen on your hands and face. In the Gulf sunscreen is the best ant aging cream. Always use a sunscreen on your face. I recommend SPF30. Protect your eyes with sunglasses.

Anti-aging creams

Care should be taken if you are using these in harsh climates as many have a re-surfacing effect on the skin and this new skin is easily damaged by the sun. Constant use can encourage the development of age spots and skin damage. Sunblock should also be used whenever you are outside. In harsh climates always use moisturizers containing sun protection during the day. Young women should not use anti-aging creams only sunblock.

My Skin Top Tips

  • Protect with sunblock
  • Moisturize your skin at night.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Massage your skin daily

A healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrients, supplements and exercise as well as using the mind/body connections for stress management are important for staying healthy and young. This can offer greater health and radiance from the inside out. ( )

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