Sex on the Brain

Sex on the Brain - A week or so ago, I wrote a blog entry about how researchers are discovering that women become more directly aroused from physical than from mental stimulation, questioning the popular notion that women get sexually aroused through their brains rather than through -- as men do -- their bodies.

The popular notion suggests that women need a lot of romance, relaxing, and foreplay to just get in the mood for sex -- never mind get excited and have an orgasm. But with these new findings in mind, I’ve gathered some other ways women might help themselves trigger that arousal response:

Go shopping for lingerie.

Whether your style is white lace and frills or black silk and satin, the mere touching, choosing, and purchasing of sexy undergarments can trigger that feeling down there.

Get a massage.

This suggestion may sound like a cliché, but massage is all about awakening the erogenous zones of your muscles and skin.

Work out.

A fast walk, a heart-pumping bicycle jaunt, or even a simple stretch to warm up your muscles and reconnect with your body can elicit waves of feeling all over your body.

Take an extra-long shower or steamy bath.

Water relaxes you -- and it can also stimulate you. Allow yourself to relish the feeling, the warmth, the sensual release of the water itself. ( )


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