Japan : Live report

Japan's National Police Agency, charged with compiling nationwide data on natural disasters, says it cannot confirm the death tool, with one official saying the " damage is so enormous that it will take us much time to gather data."

0902GMT: Japanese media reports the death toll has risen to 19. Russian officials say the first tsunami waves have reached reached the Kuril Islands chain, with waves at Shikotan Island reaching one metre (3.3 feet) and waves at Kunashir Island 95 centimeters.

Japan:Live report
Ambulances gather outside Kudan Kaikan hall - Ambulances gather outside the Kudan Kaikan hall where the ceiling of a school collapsed in the massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Tokyo

  • 0850GMT: Philippines tells residents to leave coastal areas
  • 0845GMT:Japan warns of imminent strong quake on northeastern Honshu island
  • 0840GMT:Japanese press reports say at least eight people have been killed including a 67-year-old man crushed by a wall and an elderly woman killed by a fallen roof, both in the wider Tokyo area. Three were crushed to death when their houses collapsed in Ibaraki prefecture northeast of Tokyo.
  • 0835GMT: Hawaii scrambles to evacuate coast in tsunami alert
  • 0828GMT: Hawaii orders evacuations after tsunami alert
  • 0822GMT: Strong after shock felt in Tokyo
  • 0821GMT:Beijing residents report feeling the Japan quake
  • 0817GMT:Japanese PM says no nuclear plant radiation has been detected.
  • 0809GMT: Japanese government says 'tremendous damage' from quake
  • 0805GMT:Hawaii issues tsunami warning, braces for waves
  • 0804GMT: Mariana Islands on stunami alert
  • 0800 GMT Here is a recap of the main events

- A massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake hits Japan at 14:46 pm (0546 GMT), unleashing a monster 10-metre high tsunami that sent ships crashing into the shore and carried cars through the streets of coastal towns.

- Many injuries were reported from Pacific coastal areas of the main Honshu island and the capital Tokyo, police said, while TV footage showed widespread flooding in the area. One person was confirmed dead.

- Helicopter footage showed massive inundation in northern coastal towns, where floods of black water sent shipping containers, cars and debris crashing through towns.

- Mud waves were shown racing upstream along the Natori river in Sendai city, blanketing farm fields.

- In the capital, where millions evacuated strongly swaying buildings, multiple injuries were reported when the roof of a hall collapsed during a graduation ceremony, police said.

- Plumes of smoke rose from at least 10 locations in city, where four million homes suffered power outages. Port areas were flooded, including the carpark of Tokyo Disneyland.

- The US tsunami monitoring center widens a warning to virtually the entire Pacific coast, including Australia and South America, after a massive earthquake in Japan. ( Agence France Presse)

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